Sunday, November 16, 2014

Shawl Collar Jacket

Last year I made this jacket for my sister's best friend. I started in September 2013 and completed in February 2014.  I am not a fast knitter so I'm happy to finish it, though within a few months. Things that make me work so long is I going to stop knitting for a few days if I find it difficult. Maybe if I knit constantly, can be completed for a month or two months. 

The pattern I got from the magazine Bergere de France No. 159, the title is Shawl Collar Jacket. As written in the magazine, this jacket is intended for men. My sister's friend is a woman, but she is not feminine. So she prefers with this jacket. Because the original pattern of this jacket is for men, then when I will determine the size of the jacket which would I choose, the first consideration is the size of the chest. I don't want to if the jacket in the chest becomes too tight, right?

The yarns that I used to make this jacket is Papiput Kirthi, 100% merino wool. This yarn is great for cable knit pattern. Needle size  is 4.5mm and 5.5mm.

To cast on as usual I used the Long Tail Method. And to bind off I used the Russian Methode. This method does not make knitwear becomes too tight as the Traditional Bind Off, but stretchy. So I prefer this method for bind off 2x2 Ribbing.

Shawl Collar Jacket

Shawl Collar Jacket

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